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The College of Materials Science and Engineering held the opening ceremony of the 2020 class

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On the afternoon of September 18th, the 2020 Freshman Opening Ceremony and "First Class of Ideological and Political" of the School of Materials Science and Technology was held in the B3 International Conference Hall of Lihu Campus. Nearly 300 freshmen gathered together for the the "First Class". The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Zeng Yongle, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, and attended by the leaders of the college: Secretary Of Zeng Xierong,Dean Wang Lei, Vice Dean Zhu Deliang, Vice Dean Ouyang Xing, Vice Dean Liu Wenjun, teachers and counselors of the college.

The ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Dean Wang Lei first welcomed all new students to join the big family of the School of Materials Science and Technology, and hoped that all students would be happy and successful every day. Then he introduced the teachers present today to the new students, and briefly described the excellent resumes of the teachers.

Then, Vice Dean Liu Wenjun introduced the situation of this year's undergraduate enrollment with specific data. And Deputy Dean Ouyang Xing introduced the enrollment of graduate students this year. And Vice President Zhu Deliang introduced the scientific research and laboratory conditions of the college to everyone

Yang Jinlong, the teacher representative, gave an enthusiastic speech , introducing the students how to change from high school to university and emphasizing the importance of setting goals. Freshman representative Feng Peng for undergraduate students and Freshman graduate student representative Wu Han also expressed their expectations for Shenzhen University and the School of Materials Science from the perspective of freshmen.

Finally, Professor Zeng Xierong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, said that 2020 is an extraordinary year. Our country has successfully controlled the 2019-nCoV epidemic. It is also the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. These are sufficient to reflect the superiority of our system . Secretary Zeng also asked freshmen to be brave enough to overcome setbacks of failure, and to consciously cultivate a strong will. He hoped that the students can be successful at the same time can be happy every day.

So far, the opening ceremony of the School of Materials science of Shenzhen University for the class of 2020 has come to an end. We sincerely hope that all students can gain something in Shenzhen University, become themselves, and live up to their youth.


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