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In 2006, the College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) of Shenzhen University was established, whose predecessor was the Department of Materials Science and Engineering founded in 1998. The Materials Science and Engineering taught in the College is a key discipline of Guangdong Province. The students of CMSE can choose between two undergraduate majors, ‘Materials Science and Engineering’ and ‘Polymer Materials and Engineering’, among which the former is classified as the first-class undergraduate major construction site of Guangdong Province. CMSE is qualified to grant an academic master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering as well as a professional master’s degree in Materials and Chemical Engineering. CMSE has set up a secondary discipline doctoral program in Civil Engineering Functional Materials. Also, CMSE co-cultivates PhD-students with universities in Hong Kong and Macao. In 2016, the Materials Science discipline was ranked 773rd among all disciplines worldwide according to ESI, placing it in the top 1% ranked category. In May 2020, this ranking further improved to 243rd world rank, placing it among the top 3‰ disciplines globally.

Currently, 87 staff work in CMSE, including 68 full-time faculty, one academician from Canadian Academy of Engineering, one National Excellent Youth Talent, one National Outstanding Youth Talent, and two Excellent Youth Talents of Guangdong Province. As of June 2020, 481 undergraduate and 425 graduate students, 123 post-doctoral researchers, and 34 full-time researchers are affiliated with CMSE. In recent years, over 30% of CMSE’s undergraduates continued their graduate study careers after graduation. Furthermore, all of the students graduated found employment successfully, among which 93% of the students were employed in the field that associated with materials science, thus significantly contributing to Shenzhen’s materials industry’s development.

Currently, CMSE boasts Guangdong Functional Materials Interface Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and three Shenzhen key laboratories (Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Technology Ceramics, and Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology). CMSE now possesses large-scale instruments and equipment value of nearly 200M with laboratory area close to 20,000 m². In the recent five years, CMSE has undertaken 270 scientific research projects in total, including 52 national projects, with combined funding of 180M . In the recent five years, more than 1,000 SCI academic papers, of which more than 300 are in the Q1 category according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranking, including 2 publications in “Science (AAAS publication)” with CMSE as leading institution.  

College of Materials Science and Engineering will continue to take roots in Shenzhen, rely on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, focus on advanced functional materials, attach importance to research on energy materials, polymer materials, optoelectronical materials, electronic information materials, etc., cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents with high qualities, and strive to become a high-level scientific and technological innovation base in the field of new materials with international vision.

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