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College of Materials Science and Engineering alumni homecoming event

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On March 19, 2023, the College of Materials Science and Engineering invited alumni to return to Shenzhen University for a social gathering. Party Secretary Lv Qian, Vice Dean Zhu Deliang, Vice Dean Liu Wenjun, Deputy Secretary Li Xiaoping, Professors Chen Dazhu, Chen Shaojun and Associate Professor Li Yu warmly welcomed the visiting alumni and had a cordial discussion.



Party Secretary Lv Qian hold a welcome ceremony and expressed a warm respect to alumni. Vice Dean Liu Wenjun introduced the recent development and achievements made by the college. Associate Professor Li Yu gave an academic lecture on computer materials science.

Afterwards, the college organized a tea party and discussed the affairs regarding the renewal of the alumni association, including the aim, organization rule, official logo, candidates and etc. After the meeting, the alumni visited the college laboratory and campus.

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