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Introduction to Outstanding Alumni - Dr.Muzi Xu

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Muzi Xu, as an outstanding graduate representative of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, received her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering at Shenzhen University. After graduation, she obtained her Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at National University of Singapore. Currently, Muzi is a Ph.D. student at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, as a member of Trinity College. She is awarded a CSC Cambridge International Scholarship and working in the Cambridge Graphene Centre focusing on wearable sensor systems for silent communications. Her research vision lies in flexible wearable sensors, energy harvesters and machine learning.

Muzi is the founder and president of the International Young Scholars Flying Association (IYSFA) which was established in conjunction with scholars from world-renowned universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Standford, NUS, Tsinghua and Peking University. With flying as the link, academia as the backbone and innovation as the core, IYSFA provides a platform for the exchange of ideas across borders and fields through the intersection of perspectives and the exploration of cross-disciplines. As a driver with capabilities on land, water, and air, she obtained a helicopter license when she was 17, becoming the youngest female pilot in China, and a yacht license at the age of 18. In addition, she was the producer of the Chinese New Year Gala 2023 in Cambridge.

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Building B2, 1066 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen postcode:518071 phone:0755-86930097

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