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Brief Introduction to the Center

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Founded in August 2006, the Materials Teaching Experiment Center of Shenzhen University currently consists of Materials Chemistry Laboratory, Materials Preparation Laboratory, Polymer Materials Laboratory, Materials Property Characterization Laboratory, etc. At present, the Center mainly undertakes the teaching tasks of specialized experiments and course experiments for the Materials Science and Engineering Department and Polymer Materials Department in the College of Materials Science and Engineering, and it completes the experimental teaching work of about 10,000 man-hours per year. In addition, relying on Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials, Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Technology Ceramics, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Polymer Science and Technology, and Guangdong Engineering and Technological Research Center for Functional Materials Interface, Materials Teaching Experiment Center of Shenzhen University has established multiple testing and analysis laboratories of morphology analysis, structural analysis, thermal analysis, nondestructive testing, component analysis, physical properties and optical properties analysis, and configured 11 professional technicians. The Center now owns fixed testing equipment assets of nearly 0.213 billion yuan (more than 5164 sets in total) and possesses more than 400 sets of testing equipment over 100,000 yuan, 78 sets of testing equipment over 0.5 million yuan, among which there are more than 26 sets of ultra-large type valuable testing equipment (above 1 million yuan).

The Center is constructed according to the requirements of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, takes “establishing a standard and first-class undergraduate teaching laboratory” as the goal, and has formulated complete rules and regulations on management, safety, appointment, and teaching of laboratories. It implements unified management and operates the teaching testing platform openly. In addition, it cooperates with enterprises and insists on the close combination of production, study, and research. Based on the local region, the Center actively adapts to the needs of social development and regional economic construction and provides a good experimental platform for cultivating innovative talents of materials science suitable for the local needs of Shenzhen. The competent deputy dean is in charge of the Center, and there is 1 subordinate director, 2 deputy directors in our Experiment Center, and 8 full-time laboratory management personnel, all of whom have master’s degrees above (2 Ph.D., 9 masters). Moreover, the Center has 85 part-time teachers, among them, 74.12% have overseas study experience, and 69.4% have senior technical titles. After years of development, the Center has gradually formed a teaching and scientific research team with reasonable age, title, and disciplinary structure, providing a reliable guarantee for the cultivation of innovative talents.

Building B2, 1066 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen postcode:518071 phone:0755-86930097

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