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Starlight accompanies Striver

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    The existence of a star is a little insignificant to the boundless galaxy, but it will never stop flashing. An ordinary person with an ordinary name seems a bit dispensable to the more than 700,000 groups of the same name in China, but she will never give up her efforts. The stars know that as long as the glimmer is still flickering, they will definitely be caught and explored. And Zhang Li knew that as long as she was excellent enough, she would definitely break the glass with "ordinary" on the side and open up her battlefield and world.

     From the day Zhang Li entered Shenzhen University, her belief in the pursuit of perfection has been rooted deep in her heart. And the "limits can still be broken, and the attainment cannot be stopped" learned in a volunteer activity even opened her story of "excellence". On this road of breaking through herself and challenging excellence, she is like an unknown knight full of passion in the virtual world, upgrading and fighting monsters all the way, and finally embracing her own glory-"Star of Liyuan Excellence".


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    She won the first prize of the 8th National University Student Metallographic Skills Competition, the first prize of the 2nd Shenzhen University "Leica Cup" Metallographic Skills Competition, and the 2nd Guangdong University Student Metallographic Skills Competition, CCTV gold medal intern first-final contestant. She has also become a star catcher: Liyuan Star, Double Entrepreneur Star, Learning Star, Volunteer Star. But like the protagonists of thousands of novels, they run into madness and overwhelmed with failure and setbacks. Because she liked the changes in chemical reactions and wanted to combine chemistry with practical applications, Zhang Li chose to transfer her major to the School of Materials Science, and difficulties also followed. "After the sophomore year from the Institute of Optoelectronics to the Institute of Materials Science, subject differences, course supplements, and environmental inadaptability made people feel at a loss." In addition,she failed in the defense, failed in the interview, and even was rejected for the challenge Cup project after reading many literatures, which made her suffer one after another.Instead, she insisted "Since he hits me, then I have to learn something from the failure so that I won't get the punch in vain." Such beliefs fight against all setbacks and continue to fight. Accumulating experience and waiting for the final accumulation.


Metallographic competition

    At the end of the story, just like the people in Harry Potter waiting for Hogwarts' admission letter, Zhang Li also waited for her own owl. She completed a two-year course of polymer major in one year. In the metallographic competition, she went from school level to provincial level to national level, and finally won the national first prize. The grade point also rose from 4.01 in the freshman year to 4.22, ranking second in the major. In addition to her studies, she also enriched herself in social practice step by step. From the Youth League Committee to the party and government service team, she improved her standardization awareness, organized social communication skills, and learned the awareness of problem feedback. From the Communist Youth League secretary to the deputy squad leader, she learned how to assign tasks and delegate power to further enhance class cohesion. In addition, she also passed the 100:1 selection of national colleges and universities to be selected as the 2019 CCTV Gold Medal Intern, and also won the legendary "Liyuan Star of Excellence".

    Like many people, Zhang Li also has extracurricular activities that she is very interested in. Because she wanted to experience the diversity of the world better, she joined a volunteer associatio. Volunteering is a very enjoyable thing, because it can be very intuitive and makes people feel a little energy that can be given. At the same time, she also met a group of people who were passionate and persistent. The spirit of pursuing excellence in them, and the courage to make great efforts for love made her admire, and gave her flogging.

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    Because she liked to express herself, she joined the debate team. Zhang Li felt that the debate has taught her a lot. The thinking about looking at problems and the multi-angle analysis of the problems have made her make great progress in thinking. Debate is an important part of her university life, because the collision of different viewpoints and different thinking will broaden people's horizons and think about conflicts more comprehensively, and she also enjoys that collision. She feels as much as possible about the beauty of university life, and at the same time conveys her beauty continuously to the university.

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      The brilliant galaxy above us is immortal because of the efforts of every star, and the change and development of our world are also given a steady stream of vitality because of every unwilling soul. Starlight does not ask travellers, time pays off. As long as you live well and work hard, one day, the stars will shine for you, time will speak for you, and the success of crossing thorns and jungle will arrive for you.

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