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The Struggling youth

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Time flies, the blink of an eye, four years of good and difficult university life like the funnel of sand has been quietly lost half. Looking back on his three years of college life, he is taking root every day, and when the time is right, he will climb the peak. He is the Liyuan star of the School of Materials Science and Engineering and an eternal dreamer.

Wu Jiasheng, deputy secretary of the undergraduate party branch of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and an “outstanding Communist Party member” of Shenzhen University in 2018, he participated in the 7th National College Student Metallographic Skills Competition and won the first prize; in November 2019, he participated in the 9th Guangdong University Student Material Innovation Competition and won the first prize in the inorganic division and the second prize in the final; published two SCI papers; won the National Scholarship, Liyuan Star, National Inspirational Scholarship, Tencent Enterprising Scholarship, etc. The many awards are the result of his three years of hard work in university, which is also the best answer to his time in university.


Reply to outstanding star of Liyuan

University course study is a Long March for Wu Jiasheng, and it is also a practice of "Foolish Father Moving Mountains". He said that in professional studies, there are no short cuts of opportunism, and there are no tricks to falsify. The only thing that can be done is to be down-to-earth, step by step. He summarized his learning methods: No matter whether he can understand or not in class, he must try his best to listen to the teacher's lecture, because knowledge is in the teacher's classroom; the last month of each semester is the focus of review, and every course is at least to review two or three times. Only after systematic review can you notice every detail in the final exam and get a high score. "I am not a talented player, all results need to be achieved through down-to-earth efforts." This sentence has been flowing in his heart and has been practicing for it. The reason why outstanding students are outstanding is probably because they have endless hard work and endless perseverance. In the spare time of studying, he likes to go swimming, wash away the cluttered thoughts with cool water, let the body and mind relax.

Wu Jiasheng in the laboratory

"I wanted to do scientific research when I first entered the university, and I have been seeking opportunities to enter the laboratory." When was asked why he could publish SCI papers, he replied. Relying on his infinite love for scientific research, Wu Jiasheng entered the laboratory in his sophomore year. He didn't have so much utilitarianism, but only interest. However, the process of scientific research is not all smooth sailing. Although I entered the laboratory in my sophomore year, at this time, I was mainly familiar with the equipment and the process of exploring experiments. He said frankly that with the experimental project came the life of staying in the laboratory whenever he was free every day.He devoted all his spare time to the laboratory during the junior year.The hard work paid off, and two years of accumulation finally began to produce fruitful results. “In fact, I don’t think the things I encountered are difficult.” When asked whether he encountered difficulties during the experiment, Wu Jiasheng still said with a smile. He just loves doing experiments and likes to explore, so those difficulties have never been his eyes. Wu Jiasheng used his scientific research achievements to participate in the competition and won many good awards and honors. In his opinion, students who are generally able to win awards and honors in the competition are basically entering the laboratory early in their freshman year and sophomore year. Wu Jiasheng believes that as long as you want to be interested in the teacher's research direction and are willing to work hard for it, the teacher will welcome undergraduates to enter the laboratory for scientific research.


Innovation competition

In the university, Wu Jiasheng understood that he was not only a student, but also a member of society. In order to enable him to recognize more outstanding people and improve his organizational and management capabilities, he chose to join the college party and mass service team and served as the deputy secretary of the undergraduate party branch in the junior year. In the three years of working with students, Wu Jiasheng not only recognized a group of like-minded people, but most importantly learned how to balance study and work. "I hope to give back to the society and serve others." Perhaps he likes to see the smile of others after receiving help. As a party member, Wu Jiasheng often participates in volunteer activities with other students. In the process of every volunteer activity, he will feel very happy, because he feels that he can do his meager efforts to help more people in need, and cultivate his dedication spirit and enhance his life value are very meaningful things.


Volunteer service


Visiting Japan

Wu Jiasheng, the hard-working and energetic young man, used his words and deeds, which brought the strength of an example to the students. As an outstanding representative of postgraduate recommemdation, he is a light chaser. Getting the Star of Liyuan is never the end. He will always move towards the lighthouse in his heart. As the student at grade 16, he came to Shenzhen University with a dream, and is about to continue to write a new chapter on a higher stage.

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