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Offer from Cambridge University

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On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival on June 24th, there was a big news from Singapore: Xu Muzi from the School of Materials Science and Technology was admitted to the University of Cambridge in the UK.

The offer of Xu Muzi

This student is the first student of the School of Materials Science and Engineering to participate in the “3+1+1” international cooperative education project of the National University of Singapore, and was admitted to The University of Cambridge through this program.

During her undergraduate course, Xu Muzi entered the first polymer excellence class with excellent grades, with a four-year grade point as high as 4.32, and has repeatedly ranked first in the grade. She studied hard, has won the National Scholarship, the Good Day Scholarship, the Liyuan Star of Excellence, the First Prize of Learning Star and other honors, and was awarded the "Outstanding Graduate" of Shenzhen University. Scientific research has also been fruitful. As a member of President Wang Lei's research group, she has published one SCI paper and four national invention patents.

She took an active part in entrepreneurial practice activities, won the Tencent Founder's Innovation Scholarship and the Star of Double Entrepreneurship, initiated the establishment of the Entrepreneurship Exchange Association, and created a whole-person smart trading platform. She served as the class monitor for four years and was awarded "Outstanding Student Leader". She actively participated in volunteer service and even went to Nepal to support education.

Xu Muzi in Shenzhen University

Xu Muzi student in "3 + 1 + 1" cooperation in running schools in the project to stand out, not only because visionary, target firm, since she went to college with diligent efforts and struggle of the spirit, but also benefit from the college of "excellence, individuation and internationalization" concept of talent training, thanks to the teacher's guidance and strict requirements.

The establishment of elite classes is an important measure for the School of Materials to improve the talent training system, and Xu Muzi’s offer of Cambridge University also proves that the “3+1+1” international cooperative education program is effective in cultivating top-notch innovative talents.

Xu Muzi and President of National University of Singapore

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